Print, Copy, Fax & Scan


$.10/page for black and white
$.25/page for color
$.20 for double-sided black-and-white prints
Printing of tax forms and schoolwork-related
(high school and lower) documents is free.

Patrons may print from any one of our public computers to our black-and-white laser printers. To print in color, please ask a librarian about emailing your document to our staff account, from which we can print in color on the copier, if time allows.


$.10/page for black and white
$.25/page for color

The library has a Konica Minolta copier, generously provided by the Friends of the Library, which can print in color as well as in black and white, double-sided, and up to 11″ by 17″. The tower to the right of the copier takes coins as well as paper bills.


Cover pages are provided free of charge.

To receive a fax, have it sent to our fax number at 508-696-0130.



Self scanner found on lower level. Please ask for assistance.

Upstairs scanner, please ask a staff member if you would like to send a scan. We can create jpg or pdf files, which we will send to your email address, or put on your flash drive.