Accessing Patient Gateway with Mass General and MV Hospital

Mass General Brigham

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

Accessing Patient Gateway: Tips and Resources

Patient Gateway in English: Patient Gateway I Mass General Brigham https://www.massgeneralbrigham.org/en/patient-care/patient-visitor-information/patient-gateway

Patient Gateway in Portuguese: Patient Gateway {massgeneralbrigham.org) https://www.massgeneralbrigham.org/pt-br/patient-gateway

Patient Support at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital: Phone: (508) 957-9497 Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday- Friday

Patient Gateway Technical Support: 800-745-9683

Tech Support FAQ: Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway Technical Support {partners.erg)

Videos to support Patient Gateway Access: {Full Library)


Video 1: Patient Gateway Overview

Video 2: How to Find Your Username and Reset Your Password

Video 3: “echeck-in” to your Next Appointment

Video 4: Request Medication Refills Video 5: Viewing Test Results

Video 6: Messaging Your Care Team Video 7: Changing Languages

Video 8: Billing

Video 9: Updating Communications Preferences (How do you prefer to receive notifications?) Video 10: Personalizing your Patient Gateway Account

Video 11: Sharing Medical Records

Video 12: Enrolling without a Link or Code Video 13: Enrolling with a Link or Code


Do use Patient Gateway to: 

Request non-urgent prescription refills and discuss non urgent medical concerns.

Request scheduling of non-urgent appointments.

Send photos or information for the care team to review before an appointment.

View bills and make payments.

View health information, such as your medication list, test results, and screening tests you might be due for.

Do NOT use Patient Gateway to:

Make any urgent requests or ask urgent questions. Please contact the office with any urgent needs.

Send social or personal conversations, photos, and videos that are not related to health care.

Discuss complex medical issues or new severe medical symptoms. These are often best addressed in a visit with your provider or care team.

Ask questions about family members from your own Patient Gateway account.

Make complaints about other providers or care experiences. If you have concerns about your experience, please contact the patient relations office for the clinic or hospital.

Mass General Brigham

 Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

For NON-Patient Gateway Users

Call Center can help with the following things- Call 508-693-4500:

Settings and Appointment

Getting a message to a Provider

  • Medical Records can help with all records requests, except images – 508-957-9831
    • Must complete a request with a signature, no electronic or phone requests can be accommodated due to privacy.
    • MVH Medical Records cannot access medical records from other Hospitals, including

Mass General and other MGB affiliates.

  • There is no specific form needed – just mail or fax a request for the information you need and include the following:
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Phone Number
    • Email, if you have one

o Mail request to:

Attn: Medical Records MV Hospital

PO Box 1477

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557 Or FAX: 508-696-8708

  • For X-Rays and Images – Call 508957-9300

o You will need to pick up images from the Radiology Department or arrange for records to be mailed or sent to new provider.

  • New Patient Support at MVH – (508) 957-0166