Classical Music is for YOU!

Starting Thursday, January 9th at 10:30 am, David Rhoderick will offer a weekly beginner series devoted to the appreciation of classical music — no previous knowledge is required, just a desire to listen and learn. Explore classical music in a “paddling pool” where we explain ideas and terms in plain English with plenty of listening. This series is presented by the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society and the West Tisbury Library. Free and open to the public.

With today’s smartphones, computers, high-speed internet and the increasing proliferation of low-cost or free streaming services, it’s never been easier to access and listen to top-quality classical music. If you are drawn to particular melodies or orchestral pieces and want to listen and learn more — but are put off by the apparent difficulty finding and taking the next step — this brand new series of classical music appreciation classes is just for you.