“The World of the Troubadours and Trobairitz” Online Videos

The West Tisbury Library has been fortunate to host “The World of the Troubadours and Trobairitz” performances for the past nine summers. This annual performance, curated by Paul Levine, has featured 12th and 13th century poems read in English and sung in Occitan, their original medieval language. Each year, Paul has gathered a talented group of artists, musicians, and writers to put on a truly unique performance that transports the audience to another time.

This year, due to the pandemic, the library regrets to announce that there will not be a live troubadour performance this summer. Instead, Paul and the library encourage you to keep the tradition alive by enjoying recordings of past performances. These recordings can be accessed here (made possible by MVTV). Please contact us if you would like to borrow a DVD copy: wt_mail@clamsnet.org.