Sign Language Lesson & Practice Circle

mvtvpicSign Language Lesson and Practice Circle At the West Tisbury Library

Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 4-5pm, the West Tisbury Library will be screening one episode per week of MVTV’s “MV Signs Then and Now,” Wednesdays in November. This series provides a means for learning, practicing, and experiencing Pidgin Signed English (PSE) as a second language on Martha’s Vineyard. Each episode is a half hour, and will be followed by practice and/or discussion. These meetings are free and open to children and adults.

The vision of the MVTV series is to provide interested residents of Martha’s Vineyard some historical background on Martha’s Vineyard’s deaf community which existed from the mid 1600s to the mid 1900s, as well as the opportunity to learn the language. The series is produced and edited by Lynn Thorp.


The library owns a copy of “MV Signs Then and Now” that can be viewed in-house on a laptop.