The Library could always use a hand from our community – To become a volunteer just come on in and let us know what you would like to do and when you are available.  We have lots of jobs to go around – and  some we don’t even know about yet!

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2015 Booksale Volunteers
The Library would like to give a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers for this year’s REALLY BIG BOOKSALE:

Maryann Angelone
Henry Bassett
Hugh Bassett
Jana Bertkau
Karen Bertkau
Amy Carignan
Sean Conley
Helen DeBlase
Chris Dreyer
Joyce Graves
Nancy Hall
Evie Hamilton
Sally Hamilton
Roberta Hearn
Marilyn Hollinshead
Peggy Isham
Beth Kramer
Maryann Lenkoski
Roberta Lesperance
Edie Lowe
Emily Milstein
Ginger Norton
Marlene Parker
Susan Phelps
Lee Revere
Heidi Schultz
Kathie Skinner
Beverly Szakacs